Curbside Policy

Curbside Policy

UPDATED Mandatory Curbside COVID-19 Policy! Please read!


As things are ever-evolving with the virus outbreak, we will again be making some very important changes to how we handle visits at the hospital. These policies are brought about due to updated guidelines by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association in an effort to keep everyone as safe as possible during this time. Please understand that these procedures are not very efficient and we are experiencing longer wait times than is our usual policy. Thank you for understanding as we work to keep everyone healthy but still accommodate sick and injured pets.  We will do our best to remain open to care for your pets as long as our staff is in good health!


Here are the new LSAH guidelines until further notice:

1. We will not allow anyone besides staff in the hospital for appointments or medication pickups. Please see the details below. We need to have minimal face to face contact and will maintain distance as we take in and release pets. The only exception to this will be euthanasia appointments. These will still be done in person in an exam room. However, only one person will be allowed to be present for the procedure and must be symptom-free, has not been around anyone who has been sick or who has traveled within the last 14 days. This person will also be required to wear a mask and gloves provided by LSAH. We know this is a very hard rule to accept, but even human hospitals are preventing family members from being with hospitalized and dying patients. We are sorry and hope to “get back to normal” as soon as we are allowed. Thank you for understanding.

2. If you or anyone you have had close contact with has traveled in the last 2 weeks, has been ill with a respiratory illness, or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please let us know ASAP when you call for your appointment. We will ask that you send someone else in your stead and be available by phone to consult with.

3. When you’ve reached our facility please remain in the car and contact us via phone. We will instruct you when it is appropriate to bring your pet to the door. To avoid contact with other clients, we may instruct you to drive around to the back of our building. We have two other entrances to our facility and we may utilize these doors for appointments and keep to social distancing guidelines. We also have markers placed and labeled “6 feet”. Please remain at one of these markers as we approach to collect or give back your pet. Once your pet has been handed off to a staff member, please return to your car and await our next phone call.

4. You absolutely must bring your cat or any small pet in a carrier for safe travel from your car into the hospital and hand off at the door. Please let us know if you need help with how to get your pet in a carrier. Place the carrier on the ground and a staff member will take it from there. No other personal belongings will be allowed with the pet; pet clothing, blanket/towel, toys, collars, etc. Please keep yourself at an appropriate distance from our staff members.

5. You absolutely must bring your dog to the hospital door on a leash. For small dogs, a carrier will be acceptable. Dogs must be on the ground and not in your arms. A staff member will place a slip leash on your dog (if not in a carrier) and you will be instructed to remove your leash and collar/harness. No other personal belongings will be allowed with the pet; pet clothing, blanket/towel, toys, collars, etc. Please keep yourself at an appropriate distance from our staff members.

6. We will ONLY accept credit or debit card numbers via phone for payment. Cash and checks will not be permitted at this time. We will not have clients sign their credit card receipts.


For appointments:

1. Call us when you arrive: (425) 377-8620

2. We will confirm your pet’s needs and get a medical history over the phone.

3. We will direct you to bring your pet to the door when appropriate. Follow the instructions listed in the LSAH guidelines above on when/how to bring your pet to the door. 

4. Once the doctor has done the exam, they will contact you via phone with the exam interpretation and recommendations. They will then transfer you to another staff member to go over the cost of the treatment plan. Once you have given verbal authorization the staff member will go ahead with the treatments.

5. A staff member will then call you once again to go over any test results, discharge instructions and/or medication information. We will then collect your payment over the phone and instruct you when it will be appropriate to approach the door to collect your pet, medications, and/or other instructions or supplies.


For anesthetic procedures:

1. We will email you the anesthetic/procedure release form prior to your appointment. Please print this out at home, fill it out, and email it back, or take a picture of it with your cell phone and text it to us; (425) 377-8620. At this time, we will not be accepting paperwork that has been in your possession.

2. Call us when you have arrived and follow the “for appointments” instructions listed above and/or verbal instructions you receive from our staff. Deposits will be taken via phone with credit or debit cards only.

3. We will meet you at the hospital door to get your pet for the procedure. Continue to follow the instructions listed above about the transfer of your pet to one of our staff members.

4. We will communicate with you throughout the day by phone.

5. We will call you before your pickup to get any final payments or discuss any possible partial refund of the deposit.

6. Call us when you arrive for pickup and again, follow the instructions listed above and/or verbal instructions you receive from our staff.


For food or medication pickups:

1. Please call us before you come to let us know what you need.

  • We will get your medication order ready within a 24-48 hour time period. This includes written prescriptions.
  • Once your medication is ready we will call to inform you of this and take payment over the phone prior to your arrival.
  • If your order is for food, you may be placed on hold to confirm whether or not the food is in stock.
  • If the item is in stock, pre-payment will be required over the phone and we will then place the order on hold for your pick up.
  • If the item is a special request order we will require pre-payment over the phone. Special request orders will be placed according to the pet food company’s availability for orders and deliveries.
  • You will receive a phone call when your special request order is available for pick up.
  • If you are unable to travel to our hospital and have no one to send in your place to pick up medications and/or food, please contact us and we will help you work through this issue.

2. Call us when you arrive in the parking lot and we will instruct you when it is appropriate to meet you at the door with your order.


We want to thank you for your understanding during these uncertain and difficult times. We know this will be more work for everyone, but we truly believe that if we all do our part now we will be better off in the future. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Dr. Renee, Dr. Koppa, & the LSAH Team

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